Ari Gold is a God...but Miss Snark still loves Satan

Dear Miss Snark,

I remember a post you wrote previously about clients becoming too personal with their agents. Though I think it would be hard to confuse Miss Snark with Ari, the Hollywood agent from the show Entourage, I wonder what are the exact limits of a literary agent and how do they differ from a talent/creative agent besides getting floors seats to the Lakers?

Actually Ari Gold is my idol.
And Lloyd needs a poodle to complete his daily ensemble.

I have no idea what the difference is cause I don't work with those guys, I just watch Entourage like everyone else. I don't assume that Entourage is how it really is any more than I'm From Rolling Stone is really what an intern does.

And it's Knix tix here. The Lakers stink.


Anonymous said...

And the Knicks don't?

Brady Westwater said...

"And it's Knix tix here. The Lakers stink."

Let's see -- the Lakers are 23 and 12 and the Kincks are... 15 and 21.

Yup - one team sure stinks, all right.