Sotto voce

Dear Ms. Snark,

According to Publisher's Marketplace an agent that has my full had only one sale this year and another one the year before. Is this because they were not reported or an agent can function with only one sale a year?

Probably cause they weren't reported.

For verification of that plug in any of the following names: Nicole Aragi, Philip Spitzer, Phoebe Larmore. Few deals reported, but if any of them want to sign you, the only thing you better say is "you betcha".

I don't report all my deals either, but I'm not in their category by a long shot.


Anonymous said...

One of the agents I queried had a similar situation. Good rep but few apparent deals I could find. Yet I knew she'd been selling books, 'cause she'd sold two for a friend of mine!
Turns out they just didn't post, and the few deals that were posted involving the agency was done by the publisher involved.
This is sort of "old school" thinking, but it works for them. Probably to dissuade a lot of unsolicited submissions.

Anonymous said...

Nicole Aragi-- wow.

Philip Spitzer--listed in AAR. And living in the Hamptons.

Phoebe Larmore-Tom Robbins, Margaret Atwood. Impressive.

There's lots of information on-line that show success. It can be tracked. Publisher's Marketplace is a good tool, but it's not the only one. I think any of us looking for an agent can follow the tracks.

Anonymous said...

I just always took for granted they have their reasons.