Casting spells

I thought you might get at least a gentle kick out of this.

Sent out a requested sub (a full!--your COM comments really helped me tighten it up, btw.) Went over it with a fine-toothed comb one more time first, bringing count up to too-many-to-count. Did the same for synopsis. Spent entire morning doing that.

Composed careful, brief and professional "Here's the material you requested, thanks for your interest" email. Ran spellcheck twice. Took sentence out. Re-added sentence. Re-read several times. Ran spellcheck again. Re-checked agent's original email to make sure I did everything exactly as she wanted, even down to titling the email in the exact correct order.

Hit "send."

Realized I misspelled my own first name.


Kate said...

I nearly did the same thing once.

Wrote query letter, revised query letter over period of weeks, editing a gazillion times. Printed it out, edited it some more.

Finally had it to where I thought it was good.

Printed it out. Put it in envelope. Sealed envelope.

Glanced back at screen.

Realized that when putting in address, I'd just put the street number (as I live in a dorm with 600 people, this makes for fairly ambiguous mail).

Did it on the SASE, too.

Fortunately, I realized before I'd thrown it to the wind, so I could go back and fix it.

Divine Bird said...

:) Call it a pseudonym. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, no sweat. It means you're imperfect. So's your manuscript, regardless of how much buffing, polishing, tweaking & revising you do, there WILL be a glitch in there somewhere.

Thanks for the laugh. Now you may reJoin the rest of us in the human race.

Anonymous said...

Yours Truly,

Best Wishes,

Sincerely yours,
Miss Spark

Addled Completely,
Killer Yep

Carter said...

I guess this is why gin is considered medicinal.

Carter said...

WTF? First it rejected my login, then (after I refreshed the page) said my comment had been saved.

Google this, buster!!!

Anonymous said...

You have my profoundest sympathies. And you made me laugh - which I needed!

If it's any comfort, the first time I got picked up for an honourable mention in something fairly prestigious - they misspelled my first name, too.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear I'm not the only one who does such things. Overcoming my humanness is somedays quite tiring. Thanks for sharing.

knightsjest said...

Hey know that feeling, did all as described. Later looked at copy of letter sent out. Last para said

"I am sure you are very busty but hope you will...

Can't remember if was sent to female but much too late cringing and no offers!

KT said...

I spelled my first name wrong on my college application.

They gave me a full scholarship.

(I try not to think that it was because I was that desperately in need of remedial education...)

Robin L. said...

Oh, the agent will just think it's an alternate spelling... or something. I have a friend named Dawnne who sometimes spells her own name Dawn. No worries!!!!

Anonymous said...

At least you're not referring to yourself in the third person by someone else's name. I haven't done that in front of anyone important yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.
It all comes of being called your sister's name too often...
I'm not even kidding. At least I'm only doing the third-person thing for humor, anyway.

Anonymous said...

My final impression on emails that I'm super excited about, but want to come off as professional as possible:

Very breast,


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I once sent out a honed to a spike query letter to fifty agents. Thought everything was perfection until the rejection letters streamed in. Turns out I dated it January of LAST year.

Anonymous said...

AirMiles misspelled my first name and put it on my card. I got them to correct my correspondence, but lost the new card. So I'm stuck with the old one. Forevermore, my first name is Snadra.

Anonymous said...

In my book, I was typing that my character felt like her head would pop, and I accidentally typed, "She felt like her head would poop."

Sonarbabe said...

My favorite blunder was when I queried an agent who had one of those names that can be considered either male or female. In my experience, everyone with that name had female, so I had no heartburn addressing my well thought out query to "Ms. So-N-So" only to find out that when I went to the Writer's Write forum that "Ms. So-N-So" was in fact "Mr. So-N-So".


Anonymous said...

I spent nearly 20 years in the public relations industry and probably wrote hundreds of proposals. The absolute bane of my existence was a typo that seemed to pop up at least once in each proposal, offering the prospective client "pubic relations services."