Comment problem

This new version of Blogger tells me there are five unmoderated comments, but doesn't show them to me when I click the button to "moderate comments".

If you've commented TODAY and your comment hasn't shown up, please email me at
miss (dot) snark (at) gmail (dot) com
and tell me which post you commented on (by title is fine) and which version of blogger you use, and which internet browser you use.

Or you can ignore this.

Weather forecast: sleet.
Miss Snark's mood: icy


Nancy said...

I've been having the same, or a similar, problem with the new version. People try to leave comments on my blog, but I never get notification, and they don't show up.

Then again, perhaps that's for the best!

Stacia said...

I had this same problem with comment moderation, but in my case Blogger was trying to get me to moderate comments I had already approved. (I discovered this when I finally got into the moderation screen.)

Unfortunately I don't have any advice--my solution was to stop modding comments.

Judy said...

I am SO dreading when they finally make me switch. I've been holding out... so far so good (up til last night, anyway... I've not posted today)

none said...

So, no more nicy?

Unknown said...

I had a problem posting to an author's blog, but it eventually seemed to solve itself. I think the programmers are making changes even as we speak. (One of the advantages of Web 2.0. They can fix it without messing with your computer.) It would certainly be good to let Blogger know about the problem, but they are dealing with millions of bloggers, so I wouldn't necessarily expect a personal response. If you're having problems, many others probably are as well. --gk