Killer Yapp - Guardian Angel!

Why KY is on high alert:

They're out there!!!

And they're coming to get us!!

They're claiming victory!

Thanks to Angie for the pix...and the slush pile break!


Anonymous said...

And they're heavily armed.


Anonymous said...

Dear KY,
That's it! if the squirrels are THAT brazen in NYC, I'm flying out to help you. Plus I'll bring my big brother for reinforcements! If we cleared them off our acreage, surely the three of us can defeat them there!
Now, how can I get my brother and me to the airport and past security??? (and steal mom's credit card.)
Maggie Bichon

Anonymous said...

I love squirrels. They're so adorable!

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JJ must be the name of the squirrel in that pic.

domynoe said...



Anonymous said...

I have squirrel-hunting cats. They would love to help KY. They actually caught one a few months ago--and brought it in the house. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to take a picture!

Dave Kuzminski said...

Guess who else can claim victory? Visit P&E and see. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dave Kuzminski said...
Guess who else can claim victory? Visit P&E and see. ;)

OMIGOD!!! Miss Snark won Best Writer's Resource! Yay and congrats to her Snarkiness. (Of course I voted for her.)

about a boy said...

im amused too!

The Little Writer said...

Oh that's nothing compared to the squirrels we have at my college. Ours like to play dead, make out with walls, and randomly have staring contests with students who happen to pass by. We also have a pet squirrel...Chubby. He has a sad little tail and a huge following!