KY would like a tiara, please

Oh wow, I think I won!

I guess the squirrels couldn't reach the voting machine levers!

This is very cool.
Considering it required the votes from many of you, thank you!
I appreciate the vote of confidence.

and thanks Dave for running the poll!!


Unknown said...

Could there have ever been any doubt?

none said...

It's true. The sqrls couldn't. Not even piled one on top of the other...and we tried. How we tried!

Anonymous said...

First the toy category in Westminster, and now this. It's been a good week for poodles.

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations. Perhaps this makes up for the lost holiday "days off" as you waded through the COM?

magz said...

Miss Snark?
Never question for a moment, the Power of Snark.

Nor how appriciated it really is; by the new fans you pick up daily, and by those of us who've stuck with you from the start.
I've read every post you've ever posted, and recognized your kindness and honesty while enjoying your snarky style, for you Rock!

You are unique and valued for being so willing to hang it out there, and I thank you for every wise word and piece of yourself you've shared, even when it wasn't easy for you to do so.

I will always think of you as Mentor, and am glad you do whatcha do. It's been educational, enlightening, and always entertaining to be a Snarkling; may you reap bounties of many acknowledgements etc.

You have my respect and my friendship, and my tab at a future ginmill, maybe in Dragoon, AZ.
My dawgz are KY's dawgz forever, NSA and no chance of them sueing for puppy support; they're fixed!
Your Snarkling Maggie Baker aka Magz

kaolin fire said...

Congratz, of course. :)

Next year--next year, GUD will be pushing hard ((we technically weren't out yet and still managed to tie for 21st in the "editors" category))

We may even have a couple squirrels up our sleeves. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well deserved and long overdue.

Now about that rejection letter you sent me. ...

Maria said...

Absolutely well-deserved.

Many Thanks.

A Paperback Writer said...

You go, girl!!

Dave Kuzminski said...

Sorry, KY, but we're not having a competition for dogs added next year despite your astute literary aspirations. Otherwise, we'd have to add one for goats, squirrels, amoebas, and eventually scam artists, recognizing the fact that we would be working our way to the very bottom of the animal kingdom.

r louis scott said...

I never doubted this for a second. You instill pride, purpose, and loyalty. You reserve the lash for those most in need and pat the rest on the back and send them on their way, not nearly as stupid as they were when you first met them. At least that seems to apply to me. Can't wait to see the icon officially installed on the blog.

McKoala said...

Repeating Brady: Can there ever have been any doubt?

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,

I've complained to the RSPCA over your treatment of goats. Perhaps you could have a "Best Quadruped Author of the Year" category? I'd withdraw my complaint if you did.

We goats are up to taking on the squirrels in their own tree! And horses are usually illiterate. Turtles are slow writers and never finish a project. Birds wouldn't qualify. Not only are they flighty, but they don't have four legs. If there is a bird-brained author out there, you could put them in with the other bipeds.

My mistress voted for Miss Snark. At least Miss Snark appreciates goats!

J. F. Margos said...

No surprise here. Very, very well deserved. Congrats!


Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Anonymous said...
Well deserved and long overdue.

Dear me. Oh dear. Oh my. What does one say?

Dear Anon.,

I'm glad you like dear Miss Snark. However, (not to be too mean in pointing it out or anything like that) she won last year too. ... and the little certificate thingie is posted right on her blog. You didn't see this before?

It's well deserved, but not exactly overdue.

I want a cookie. Got one? Oh, not that it's at all to the point, but you Fantasy writers out there: Who among you knows (without searching the net to find out) who Frances Browne was?

none said...

No sqrl category? What are you THINKING?


astrologymemphis.blogspot.com said...

In a category with so many outstanding competitors, you still always rise to the top. KY's tiara has been sent. Congrats!

And Dave Kuzminski - LOL!

Mindy Tarquini said...

You da bomb. You da everloving bomb.

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

Congratulations, Miss Snark, you're the best!

shereta said...

Congrats Miss Snark!

Two years in a row. Wow. You totally Rock!