Pub credis when you have none

I have just finished polishing my first novel and I am nearly ready to send out query letters. I have practically no published work outside of college publications. However, a humorous story I wrote was read on the "Coast to Coast" radio program by Art Bell. Would it be appropriate to list this under experience? Would it be too bold to include a playable audio CD of a known personality reading my work on national radio?

I am interested in your opinion as I have gotten mixed messages about what is and is not appropriate.

Well you can mention it, in that it probably did go through a selection process-much like being selected for Oprah's book club isn't quite a pub credit, but is something you'd want to include in a query letter.

Don't include a CD. For starters, no one will want to hear it, and second, don't send things agents don't ask for. These little extras are the bane of my existence. I know people mean well, but I throw them out unused, unread, unopened. Don't waste your time or your money.


Anonymous said...

I've had a poem read on the radio. Without my permission, I might add - the host picked it up from a newspaper.

If I didn't have other credits, I'd use that. I would never have thought of sending a CD. I hope you take Miss Snark's advice on that.

You could always sell the copies on ebay as audio books...

Simon Haynes said...

In a similar vein - my company used to receive great big wholesale catalogues in the mail. We'd glance through before throwing them out, and occasionally something would catch our attention.

Then some firms started sending CDs. Those went in the bin unopened. It's just not possible to flick through an electronic file in the same way you can riffle through an electronic catalogue. Sure, they were saving money. They were also losing business.

Chris Eldin said...

Hi, This is totally unrelated to your discussion. But I'm in!!! I had to sign into my Google blogger account first, and then bring up Miss Snark's website.

Pheewww! I didn't want to be cut off forever!

Emailer, how about making a video around your audio and posting it on YouTube! Oh, and remember that Harvard grad who sent a video of himself to Wall Street firms--it was part of his resume. Hysterical! He was Da' Man!!

Cynthia Bronco said...

Except for glitter, and confetti, especially if it's shaped like little unicorns. I recommend purple.

Cynthia Bronco said...

I wrote "My publishing credits are scant."
It's honest, but is it bad?

amy said...

I'd be careful with this one. I know of (and love) Art Bell, but most people don't, and even those that do often think he's a total crank. If you're submitting paranormal or sci-fi, I'd say mention it, but steer clear if you write mainstream/literary.