They ARE coming for you!

Squirrels..not just on skateboards anymore!

(thanks to rkc for the link)


none said...

Sheesh, capital punishment for sqrl stowaways. You guys are MEAN.

Lorra said...

This reminds me of the rat, the size of a large cat, that dug into our basement and climbed up over a sophet above the bar and electrocuted itself when it gnawed on the wiring. The expression, "I smell a rat" took on a whole new meaning.

Until the animal warden pulled out the liquefied remains, - a process involving a surgical glove that ran to the guy's shoulder - I had to sleep with a towel over my nose.

When the warden carried the body upstairs and asked if I cared to view it, I politing declined.

Another Yummy Lunchtime Story from Lorra.

Anonymous said...

Lorra, good timing. I'm on a diet anyway.

And, this airplane/squirrel stuff is no secret. Didn't Rocky teach us squirrels are jet-powered?


Twill said...

Now if we can start doing that with the *real* terrorists.

Unknown said...

I am sick of these m..h..fu...ing squirrels on this m..t...fu..king plane!

Lorra said...

Politely, of course, was the word I misspelled and also substituted for blew lunch in the sink. Glad I was able to help, termagent 2.

Speaking of misspelling, blogger is all screwed up. I can't preview a comment - if I try, I get prompted again for word verification. What's with that? Why couldn't they leave it alone. It it weren't broke, why'd they fix it?

And to writerperson: would you rather have squirrels on a plane or snakes? (I still want to see that movie!)

Anonymous said...

termagent 2 -- With regard to Rocky, this anti-squirrel theme deserves scrutiny. Could Natasha have become a literary agent? IIRC, she wore stilleto heels. And Boris was sort of her poddle.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, squirrels must be rabid to want to fly their airlines.

Wonder what that says about the human passengers?

Anonymous said...

Re: Miss Snark's new labels designating "Miss Snark is amused" and "Query letters", etc.

Great idea! That's why we pay her the big bucks :-)

Victoria Strauss said...

Speaking of varmints...Writer Beware just posted its "Two Thumbs Down" publisher list.

Anonymous said...

Squirrels are smarter than humans. You'll notice that when they board an aircraft, they do so without either checked baggage or carry-ons.

They KNOW.

Go Squirrels!