Two million

We're on target to crest the two million hit wave sometime in the next 24 hours.
I'm amazed to have held your attention, let alone your interest, for this long.

There are great and important things going on in the world; people and events that will shape a future we can only dream of. Most of that is just stuff I read in the Times. My life is the simple daily stuff of what I get in the mail, who I talk to on the phone, what we eat for lunch, and with whom, and what catastrophes lurk in the email inbox that send my authors into tailspins.

This blog is a treasured part of that daily life and I look forward to your comments and your emails. Even the nitwits. Especially the funny stuff. Always the people who are perplexed that we can collectively help.

This is fun. Thanks for being here with me.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled Snarking!


Kate said...

Who are you, and what have you done with Miss Snark?!?!


Hey, it's fun reading you, too. Even though I'm not an author who wishes to be published, I find your blog interesting.

Saipan Writer said...

Congrats. Time for a new red carpet.

More importantly, though--will I win a super-duper prize if I'm the 2 millionth visitor? (I could use a pail of gin and a clue gun.) Just wondering. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I've been a regular reader for a long time now, and I absolutely love this blog. Keep up the fabulous snarkiness! :)

canwag said...

I would like to note that I've read every entry on this blog, every single snarchived post, and I have noted that although the questions started with nitwits back in the day ("what's a query letter and why do I need one?") now most of the posts begin with, "my agent has requested a full...." or "am I required to go on a publicity tour for my soon-to-be-published debut novel?" This is YOUR doing, Miss Snark! Congratulations!

Brenda said...

My day isn't complete without a peek into Snark Central. The advice and time you freely give are amazingly appreciated. I hope you know that.

Snark on.

dan said...

Hot damn. I'm a new reader. But I've been working my way through the archives, month by month, taking notes. And this is the first I've seen of you sans snarkiness. It's--kinda creepy. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with you like this. Maybe at the 5 million marker, it'll be acceptable. Meantime, I'm glad you're putting the niceness back in the snarkophagus. Where it belongs.

(couldn't help myself. have you heard: Noah's snark? Snark plug?

Weren't you asking for snark puns a while back?

Snarcana. plural noun. Miss Snark's secrets or mysteries.

Snarkolepsy noun medical A condition characterized by an extreme tendency to get snarky, even when in relaxing surroundings.

Maybe you are a Snarkangel? (noun a Snarkstress of the highest rank; in traditional Snarkian angelology, a being of the first order of the ninefold snarkial heirarchy.)

Or maybe you're just a Snarkduke? Or Snarkduchess? Hope nothing happens to you, might start another world war.

Cos baby, you're not just original, you're... a snarketype.

Okey--that's enough for now.

Southern Writer said...

I'm fairly sure at least 50,000 of those blog hits are mine, and another 500,000 are from people I've told to get a clue and read Miss Snark's blog if they have any hope of ever being published. I don't know how we managed without you. Congratulations, Miss Snark. You are bonafide force of nature.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog and the snark.

But the technical definition of a "hit" is the retrieval of any item, like a page or graphic, from a webserver. So when a visitor calls up a webpage with ten graphics, that's 10 hits--one for the page and 9 for the graphics.

Considering how many people come to this site (and usually more than once in a day), and how many images there are, I'm actually surprised that your hit number isn't higher.

Sean Cummings said...


Dear God, I just can't deal with the prospect of a kinder or more gentle Field Marshall Von Snark.

This is going to be a very bad day. I foresee the apocalypse because of this.

s.w. vaughn said...

Long live the Snark!

Anonymous said...

So, how long have we been doing this? I am proud to be one of the first to learn from the clue stick.

Your insights, and your humor, make you a true treasure.


Anonymous said...

As one of the first snarklings to get hit with the clue stick, this blog has helped immensely.

Thank you for your intelligence and good humor beaming a light of hope from the 212.

(even if you are a 'dog' person)

Miss Snark said...

Last anon, the site meter counts page views and hits separately. Page views is way over the two mill mark, has been for months.

Miss Snark said...

Ric, June 28, 2005 is Snark Day.
I think a national holiday is in order. Gin for all.

Nancy Beck said...

Thank YOU, Miss Snark! I love your sense of humor, your snarkiness - it's a real treat (oh, and I, um, have learned a few things, too :-)).

Can't wait for Snark Day!


none said...

Okay, someone distract the poodle while I untie the real Snark.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Way to go, Miss Snark.

And thank you for all you do. May all your poodles be especially curly and may all your gin be Tanqueray.


Anonymous said...

There should be a party, with cake and big trays of shiva cookies and a large sterling pail filled with gin.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Miss Snark. How time flies, etc. etc.

We love your WTFs, your rants, your jokes, and even your occasional lapses into niceness.

Oh, yeah... and your advice!

Here's to two million more!

Anonymous said...

You're the literary Howard Stern. Are you going to make a multi-million dollar book deal and leave us craving our masochistic fix?

Hope not. I need to get humble.
I'm a writer. Or so I think.

Anonymous said...

You make us less afraid. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

How great. 2 Million ! And it's been fun being a smalll part of it.

Tyhitia Green said...

You're welcome and congrats. I visit this blog SEVERAL times a day; especially when I'm at work! :X
I love coming by and reading the snarky advice and comments. We love you Miss Snark!

Anonymous said...

Dunno why you're so surprised about our attention spans, Mademoiselle Snarque! We're writers; who has time to watch TV or attend mind-numbingly stupid movies?

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

I'm not sure how long I've been hiding out here. It's been long enough that my first posts were under the dreaded "Anon." name. ...

Now I read some posts and think, "Humph ... Newbies!" And I look for squirrels and mentally say, "Hi, Jersey Girl, remember the old days on AOL?"

Hi Kate! Hi chumplet! Hi December! Hi to both Barbaras! (The Canadian one and the US one.) Hi Dave! (Your site is excellent too.) There are too many to say hi to, and other than Jersey Girl and Ann Crispin, I wouldn't have "met" any of them without this blog.

Hi to Ann Cripsin too, who sent me off here with great trepidation, worrying that I couldn't stand the heat. Kind-hearted soul that she is, she didn't realize I am the heat! (Snicker) Hi, Victoria too. Hi Anna G. if you're reading today. I read your Live Journal too, though I don't comment much.

Umm to many to say hi to. This blog is as addicting as Starbucks and has a better quality of conversation.

And, thuppp!! to E. Editor. Catch up when you can! And all you other blogging agents? You all can just go on being jealous ....

And a scratch behind the ears to Mr. Killer "Annihilator Rex" Yap. Good boy! How much to bite an editor?

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Watching countdown, poised to throw glitter and SASE's (I'm fresh out of confetti)

Here is just some of what I've learned from this blog:

- Squirrels, like poodles, can be scary

- The true meaning of DRAGOON

- Blogger word verification can be used as a fantasy character name-generator

- Heed beverage alert warnings

- Exclusives stink

- How to present myself and my work to the publishing industry without looking like a nitwit

Thanks for all the clues, laughs, and WTFs!

Axel said...

I've been thinking about why your blog has become so significant and enjoyable for me over the last year. I check it every day, and I'm never disappointed. For someone like me, on the tantalizing edge of the professional writing world (in the midst of detailed revisions with a major agent), snark central is a way to breathe that rarefied air more easily. The agent takes weeks to respond to revisions -- I'm not complaining, but it's a fact. I can't badger him, or chat with him, or pick his brains about general publishing issues. So who do I talk to -- or listen to -- instead? Why, Miss Snark, of course! It's like being at a highpowered cocktail party and snooping on all the interesting arguments and discussions, nodding as if I belonged. It's not exactly real, but it makes me feel like I'm a part of this onrushing world of agents and editors, deals and decisions. That's why I submitted to the crapometer. It was fun to be more directly involved in the conversation. Besides, I enjoy the snarkiness. Most people do -- that's why Simon Cowell is so successful. He tells the truth, with no spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. Choke on it, for all he cares. That's refreshing. So ... for all the days you were there when I couldn't call my agent, and for all the questions I would have felt clueless asking him, for your impatience with fools and your love of good writing ... thank you. I'll be here as long as you will.

Anonymous said...

Two Million hits plus how many posts? and how many comments? You are busier than a hooker on free day! Congrats!

Christopher M. Park said...

Congrats! And, as you must know, your readership is still growing. I actually just starting reading you a couple of weeks ago, and already you've gained a daily place in my life.

I'm one of those writers that is (I think) "on the cusp" of really getting into the industry, and it's extremely reassuring (and edifying) reading your blog. It's always nice to see when I'm not a nitwit!


My blog on writing

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog only a few weeks ago - still making my way through the archives - so present myself as a mere whitebelt snarkling. Perhaps I'll soon to graduate to nitwit though. :-)

I live in Scotland, so your early morning entries come in just in time to be my 2pm pick-me-up. (Afterwards, my own work emails and memos - on the distinctly non-t-rexy subject of road maintenance - take on a snappier, snarkier edge.)

Your blog is an ongoing source of education, inspiration and delectation to me. So thank you Miss Snark. May your cluegun stay true, your gin pail overflow, and Mr Clooney send you that one special Query Letter you've been waiting for...

Congratulations to you and Killer Yapp.

Anonymous said...

Whoever you are, nice person masquerading as Miss Snark: Put down the clue gun and step away from the poodle!

Personal to Miss Snark wherever you are: That's like a two with six zeroes?!!! Wow. Congratulations.

dtwja said...

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you in a quickish way so as to not take up any more of your time than absolutely necessary. Your weblog has been enlightening and sometimes even entertaining.