Miss Snarkalicious,

Can editors tell when writers use an editing program like Stylewriter? Does it hurt or help the submission process?

I'm guessing no, since I have no idea what it is, nor do I care.

I only care WHAT you write, not how, when, where, with whom, or why you do it.

I do not care if you write in car, on a star, on a raft, down a shaft, with a goat, on a boat. I do not care one whit I don't. Just knit your wit before you print, and send me something that isn't ....fecal matter.

**What Fresh Hell is This


Me said...

Thank you for clarifying what WFHiT is, I thought I was having a dislexic episode with the acronym WTF.

Lauren said...

Oooh, oooh, you're a Dorothy Parker fan too?

ORION said...

Hmm. I wonder how Stylewriter will help when the editor asks you to make one character a bit more sympathetic or to enhance one particular theme in the second half of your novel? They might expect that you would be able to easily comply. Writing is more than the first draft yanno.
It is editing, too.

Simon Haynes said...

Cool, Dr Seuss on Agenting. Now I've seen it all.

Kristy Baxter said...

That's so weird...I was just flipping through Marion Meade's bio "Dorothy Parker: What Fresh Hell is This" earlier today. Felt a need to go back and refresh my memory.

If I didn't know for certain that MS wouldn't be caught DEAD in Pennsylvania, what with our silly state-licensed-and-ruled liquor stores, I would think she was peeking over my shoulder...

The Grump said...

Gee, and I was going to ask Miss Snark if she wore stilettos when eating green eggs and ham.

Beaten to the punch again. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy Parker's Bucks County estate is now on the market; only an hour and fifteen from Snark Central.

Anonymous said...

Stylewriter says it can help improve writing by weeding out

Complex words
Overused words
Jargon/Abstract words
Wordy phrases
Passive verbs

and other problems. I don't think it matters whether you use software to get rid of things that make readers crazy, or whether you do it manually. I don't think editors care either.

What the software won't do, though, is fill plot holes, make characters more sympathetic or believable, or improve a story that's lacking in some way.