You mean you AREN'T paying attention?

Dear Miss Snark:

I have a question that's similar to the hook post you answered earlier today. I'm not sure about the etiquette within the publishing blogosphere. I offered up my query letter for Evil Editor's Face-Lift series. As you know, Agent X is starting her hook critiques this week. I'd like her opinion as well. Should I hold my horses and see what Evil Editor has to say? Or, do I also submit to Agent X?

I assure you that all writers are not naturally nitwits, but there's something about the idea that we could screw things up before our work is even read that knocks us off our game.

Thanks for writing your blog. It's made a difference for me.


Now for your question:
Get as much feedback as you can.
None of us are reading the other's critiques very closely; it's all we can do to stay current on our own stuff. I know a lot of people ran their stuff through Mr. Evil and The Crapometer and the only people who noticed were the writers.

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Anonymous said...

Ask both. If they get too many submissions they might have to make selections and you will hit yourself if you only submit to EE and don't get in.

Just cross your fingers and hope they don't say the same, or hope they do and fix it.