Cluelessness Squared

My friends and colleagues tease me cause I have about 178 email accounts now, all of which flow into Central Receiving thanks to Entourage.

I have separate email accounts for Grandmother Snark, for listservs, for biz clients, for Mr. Clooney, for updates on the gin inventory and so on.

When I'm asked to include an email in a listing such as AgentQuery or Writers Market, or publishing a deal on Publishers Marketplace, I use a very specific address cause I know it gets sucked up and posted elsewhere.

One website lists my email incorrectly but the mail still comes to me. People who email to that address haven't done a single bit of verification or research. They are vacuuming up names and querying. I delete them of course; in fact, I have a mail rule that does it for me. All I see is the dialogue box that says "yet another nitwit has queried you". I laugh merrily and go on.

What is starting to amuse me even more is seeing that email ding, and 45 seconds later Miss Snark's mailbox (separate from Entourage) go ding.

Yup. Cluelessness squared.

What does this mean for you?
Doublecheck when you query people. More than one address? Use the one on the website.
Haven't heard back from an agent?
Doublecheck you're using the right address.

I wonder if any of the people moaning about no response are the same ones sitting in my trash bin?


Anonymous said...

So how the hell do you know people are "vacuuming up email addresses and querying"? What signifies there is no research done? I've no idea if I've ever queried you, right email or wrong, but when I research agents I look at sales, interests, preferences... I don't compare email addresses from site to site. Great to know using a wrong email is amusing, though.

The Anti-Wife said...

Miss Snark,
Are you saying that people are querying you personally rather than your alter ego, Agent What-ever-your-real-name-is? I thought that was an absolute no, no! I assumed that querying you as Miss Snark would be grounds for immediate Nitwit of the Day honors.

Anonymous said...

I think what she may mean, and I guess we will see if I am right, is that visitors using the site listing her incorrect email are redirected into oblivion. Sounds fair to me, more room for those of us serious agent seekers who do the research.

I own websites and if the yourname part of yourname@domain.com is incorrect, I choose what email to route it to so it is not lost (or so it IS lost, in Miss Snark's case perhaps).

I would imagine agents expect you to at least visit their website and verify their email preference there before querying.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Miss Snark & Co. could plant some "golden tickets" a la (Willy Wonka)in "random" titles hot off the presses. Snarklings, minions and probably a few nitwits would be entitled to a top o' the heap query. If only life were like Wonkaland!!!

Miss Snark said...

Anon1: clarification. The wrong email address isn't on my agency site, or any site that has written to me to ask for information. It's a site that just posts agent's names, and contact info and other stuff.

I know email addresses get vacuumed up because of the spike in email offering to enlarge my Nigerian bank account using viagra in a penis envelope.

And I know people are just blindly querying without checking cause I googled the wrong email address and found it listed.

This clearly doesn't apply to you since you're doing your research.

Miss Snark said...

Querying Miss Snark IS a nitwit thing to do which is why I think it's funny.

Anonymous said...

Thanks you for the clarification, and I apologize for replying during a sudden fit of indignation. You've earned more benefit of the doubt than I gave.


Angela said...

I understand its sloppy not to confirm the email address if it is taken from a site that is not your company website.

However, hyperthetically , would Miss Snark, and other Agents mind if people who are quarying ran up the agency to confirm which email address it was? Or does that put people straight into the nitwit ball park?

Anonymous said...

The wrong email address isn't on my agency site, or any site that has written to me to ask for information. It's a site that just posts agent's names, and contact info and other stuff.

Have you contacted the site and asked them to correct it? Or do you use the error as a screening device?

Miss Snark said...