Miss Snark Wants one..hell..TWO of ...


ok, three.

One for me
One for Killer Yapp
One for Grandmother Snark.

and all I can say is: Central Park here we come!

Thanks to CH for the linkage.
Why are you googling "snark" anyway?
Avoiding work my pretty?
(where's my mp3 of the evil cackle??)


Anonymous said...

From your link:

The Snark is equally as mean and nasty as the creature from which it took its name – the mythical Snark in a Lewis Carroll poem. Already in its third iteration, the machine has developed its immense capabilities at a rapid rate.

“The Snark Mk I and Mk II will be museum pieces,” says TGR Helicorp’s Trevor Rogers. “

And we've got the 4th generation right here! bwahahaha!

Petrea Burchard said...

Oooh, it's darling! But...but...it's "unmanned"!

That just doesn't sound like something Miss Snark would want.

Lin Neiswender said...

Does this mean the broom is history?

Anonymous said...

Avoiding work my pretty?

Nah, I've got this fucking incredible thriller to read when I'm doing that.

Anonymous said...

“The Snark can’t be heard more than 250 yards away,”

Something tells me they did not fully research this. My bet is The Snark can be heard from quite some distance away. Just try approaching it with a copy of Space Ark.
"Back off nitwit," will be heard for miles around!

Miss Snark said...

Miss Snark doesn't rely on volume to communicate. She merely sucks all heat from the surrounding area until any Space Ark founders on the ice.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, you should all get one. You can hunt down nitwit writers and KY could enhance his anti-squirrel arsenal. KY would surely strike fear in hearts of NY squirrels with one of those.

Since it is unmanned he should have his likeness painted on the craft, so the furry little beasts know who the harbinger of their demise is. And a camera mounted on the front would be a nice way to witness the last shocked looks on their faces.

I wasn't going to post again, but I couldn't help thinking that if KY happens to visit anywhere near Ottawa, I could use his squirrel removal tactics. The fuzzy tailed rats are leaving peanut shells on my balcony again.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it was designed and built in New Zealand! Go, Kiwis.
I knew there was a connecting reason why I enjoy your blog so much (and your sense of humour).

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, think what you could accomplish with one of those! The Snark is light and fast, quiet (?)virtually invisible to radar, can carry a payload of gin, packs both massive firepower and surveillance equipment, and The Snark has an unprecedented loiter time (for when stalking George Clooney).