Pod-dy Mouth Retires!

And it's a sad, sad day.

I always liked to read her blog, and she introduced me to my one of my all time favorite bloggers, and writers Jamie Boud.

What I DIDN'T know was that she got FIVE HUNDRED emails a DAY!!!! That's just insane.
I thought I got a lot and I'm tipping just over 100 and that's Miss Snark's blog and Snark Central combined.


I know agents watched her blog for good books.

I know we all wanted to know who she was so we could buy and read hers.

I know she'll be greatly missed by the writers who got noticed cause she read and liked their books.

I know I'll miss her too.

Thanks for a great run.


Anonymous said...

Sad day indeed. I loved her blog, and I loved her for her generous spirit, as she hunted for undiscovered gems and brought them to the world's attention. I'll miss you, Ms. POD-dy Mouth.

Kitty said...

I love this bit of wisdom from POD-dy Mouth: If you get rejected, don't take it personally. And if you get published, don't take that personally either.

I think I discovered Miss Snark from POD. I'm not surprised that she burned out. I shall miss her.

Pleeeeeze don't burn out, Miss Snark.

ORION said...

Although I too am sad- I can tell you blogging takes up a ton of valuable time that I should be spending on working on my next project.
I totally understand how one has to make that decision.
I am so impressed with the amount of time Miss Snark puts into blogging and know it is appreciated by the writing community.
Here! Here! and Kudos!

Maria said...


I loved her blog and I will miss it.
I can understand that she wants her life back, but I'll still miss it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to POD-DY Mouth on a job well-done! Wishing her all the best.

Unknown said...

What a great resource! Maybe she should ask if someone wants to continue her work - possibly as a group effort to lighten the burden, with her remaining as a contributing reviewer.

Anonymous said...

*gasp!* We will miss POD-DY Mouth. Best of luck to her in the future!

Another Dejected Writer said...

Sad day indeed. But it's also more than understandable.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Well, that just bums me out because I've never really read much of her blog, and her acknowledgment list wowed me!

Miss Snark, please don't tell us this is a bit of foreshadowing on your part because YOU CAN'T RETIRE!!!

Ever. OK? Please.

Jo Bourne said...

Oh heck.
The e-pubbed have lost a great friend.

Art Edwards said...

The world of publishing your book POD just got a little colder.

And frankly it was pretty chilly already.

Thank you, POD-dy Mouth. You will be missed.

Art Edwards

One of the lucky ones

Sandra Cormier said...

Aw, crap! Just when I'm getting published. I coulda used a decent review.