Pub Credits...cause this topic is ENDLESS fun

Yet some more dumb questions (the others weren’t from me, these are!) on publishing credits…

I know y’all run our names through Google when you receive our deathless prose lest we were lying about having actually published a book, or worse, it *was* published, by RipOffPOD Publishing House. Now, when you run *my* name through Google one is inundated with various published accounts…only a few of which were paid gigs.

One of them was a short-story anthology published by the local branch of a national authors organization. Not only did I not get paid, I *paid* money to be in it. The good news is we’ve sold 500 copies so far. Also, no one will never know by the Internet that I paid for the privilege. What I’m afraid of is someone will see it (it comes up in the first few pages of Google searches) and wonder why I didn’t include it. Can/should I claim this in a query letter?

I used to write a regular column for a community newspaper. Never saw a dime from it, but my columns are all over cyberspace. I wouldn’t ordinarily claim this, but it *is* where I honed my writing ability for years. Still, it will pop up. Should I ignore this?

There was a short-lived offshoot to the community newspaper that I wrote for for about six months (then it died). I was supposed to get paid for all my columns. I did for three, and three I didn’t. You won’t find it on the Net ‘cuz it didn’t last long. Can/should I claim it?

I used to write book reviews for an on-line newspaper back before most people had Internet connections. No money, but I got to choose and keep the books I reviewed. So it was sorta payment, I guess. Does this count?

When I google you it's mostly to see if when you say "I'm published" you mean a vanity press (be it pod or web feed--it's not the technology that damns you, it's the lack of editorial discretion).

If other stuff turns up it's not as though I'm cross referencing your query letter to make sure you told me every last thing.

You can refer to these adventures in one sentence "I've been writing professionally for several years; this is my first novel".


Anonymous said...

I used to be a pro actress and if you google me, I come up about a zillion times for a well known movie long before any of my writing creds come up. Oh, well. I just say, "I am a regular contributor to XYZ" (true) and if anyone's interested, so be it. Hopefully when my book comes out it will sneak ahead of the movie somehow.

Anonymous said...

I just googled myself for the first time ever and discovered that unless I actually list a specific title or publisher along with my name the only thing that comes up are airports, football fields and parking lots. My pen names actually came up faster than my real name. So much for googling.