Follow up on MJ Rose

Dear Miss Snark,
A couple of questions re your MJ Rose story. Is it usual for writers to send agents copies of their books? Does this mean you are her agent? And second, if you're reading the book now, why isn't it coming out until September? What happens in the meantime?

I got the book from a colleague who has known MJ Rose for some time.
("Got" is a colloquialism for "stole when she wasn't looking")
MJ is ably represented elsewhere.
I'm reading an ARC-an advanced reader copy. The pub date is September.

What happens in the meantime is that Mira, MJ's publisher, will be telling booksellers that this is a hot title and they better stock up.


Anonymous said...

"("Got" is a colloquialism for "stole when she wasn't looking")"

Thanks for my first laugh of the day! I will be stealing that line.

JulieLeto said...

I happen to have an ARC of this book as well...and it was also swiped when no one was looking (not by me, btw) though I was there and saw the whole thing.

We were at a big Harlequin event where MJ's ARC was available for all the folk in attendance. When the pile started getting mighty small, the editor I was with grabbed me a copy before it got away. It will go to the top of my TBR pile as soon as I've met my next deadline.

I feel so lucky!

Anonymous said...

This was a surprise to me with my first book. Books MUST be printed, at least galleys, at LEAST 4 MONTHS PRIOR TO LAUNCH in order to get reviews in Publishers Weekly, KIRKUS, Booklist, etc. So there they sit, getting dusty. And you can't sell them. They just sit while the review copies get sent everywhere.

Anonymous said...

It works the same way with most newspapers, too. Without galleys being distributed at least a couple of months in advance, the chance of getting a review plummets.

I think THE REINCARNATIONIST is going to be getting a lot of buzz. So I don't blame you for stealing a copy.

Dave Fragments said...

If you scan the used books on Amazon or E-Bay, you can find ARC copies of books for sale. It takes a little effort.