Hold your pants on bub

As this nitwit reads your e-mail rules, some of the crap gets the "you've been deleted, nitwit" reply. Other crap, e.g. spam and stupid questions like this one, are simply deleted without any reply. So, there's a category of e-mail that receives no reply whatsoever. Am I reading correctly?

If so, how long should I wait to know that my other stupid question -- about using actual business names in my novel -- was too stupid for even a canned reply?

A couple people have made comments about getting hosed or deleted from the Snarkly email.

Here's a review:

1. If I post the answer to your question I send you an email that says "your answer is up on the blog, thanks for writing, MS". I try to send it before I post it but sometimes I miss.

2. If I'm not going to answer your email on the blog, but it's info I was interested in, or is otherwise useful, I do try to respond.

3. If I delete your email in a spring cleaning, you get a form email.

4. Emails I do not respond to: anything you're sending to a list ( if I'm cc'd, it's not getting an answer); emails asking me to post a link to your blog; emails asking me to do something for you like review a book; emails from anyone on the wrong side of the etiquette line; emails from people who've asked three versions of the same question and are starting to annoy me.

However: just cause you write to me on Tuesday doesn't mean I answer it on Tuesday. Or even if you write to me in March, you get a reply in March.

I'm not going to start sending emails saying I got your email. Enough is enough.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why it is so hard for people to understand that you've sent a blanket email to everyone in your inbox, without prejudice. Everyone in the inbox got the same email.

People certainly do take things personally.

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Snark,

You've responded to my questions by posting the answer in your blog (with email notification first)as well as sending me a private email.

I appreciate all that you do.

Anonymous said...

I've tried emailing Miss Snark on:


It won't go through! Is this seriously Miss Snarks email or am I being a nit wit?

wannabe_nitwit said...

I know I've gotten the form email once, I think. Since then, I have read your archives (oh yes, all of them...while putting off sleeping/eating/studying/writing)and lo and behold, found my answer!

What you do is awesome. People that get annoyed at you because you do what you do (and do it so well)...they're just idiots

Matt said...

wow... people sure expect a lot from the snark. she has better customer service than most fortune 500 companies and isn't making a lick off the blog. cut her some f'ing slack.

Anonymous said...

miss snark, you know i only ask the same question over and over because i like hearing the sound of my own keys and your insights, oh they hurt so good.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

What about if I send a comment? Will you let me know that you've received it, and then read, it and then thought about it, and then decided to post it, and then actually post it? Huh, can you at least let me know then, just so I can be sure?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, based upon some of the snarky comments, some people wrongly believe I was snarking the snark! Please be assured I meant no snarkiness to her Snarkness and only wished for clarity and nirvana, which I received.

Anonymous said...

What I find oddly fascinating is that people can be so needy. Especially toward someone, they have no relation to and are oblivious to whom they really are.

Why would anyone feel it necessary to be validated on a first person bases over the internet.

I bet Miss Snark has encountered this many times over.

That is just plain crazy.

Anonymous said...

I've had 2 questions bounced months after submission, and one answered after a much shorter time.

My perception: if your question is seen as relevant to a range of readers, it will get posted and answered soon. If it's not widely relevant, if it's very much like another question that just got answered (and any sensible person could extrapolate) and it's not going to cause a chain reaction of Snarklings hauling out their Clue Bats, it will wait around for months on the off-chance of a no-mail day. And eventually it will get hosed out of the in-box.

If the most important thing in anyone's life (or even in the Top 20 Most Important Things) is waiting for an answer from an anonymous blogger, even the Clue Tank won't finish the job.

Elektra said...

To the poster: I believe your question about business names has been answered before. Check the Snarkives.

Anonymous said...

I think I understand. So, did you get the email I just sent you asking if you got my other email? If so, please disregard the second, but not the first. Oh, never mind. I'll send you some daily emails for the next couple of weeks that explain all that. Okay?

Anonymous said...

Most people live in a very small world. If the get an e-mail, they send a reply. Waiting 24 hours to send that reply tears at their souls like the flesh-eating bacteria is destroying their unbathed thighs.

Miss Snark is kind to establish rules and kinder still to enforce them. It is this sort of tough love that makes us all better people.

- Edward

Christine Rebecca said...

@Anonymous (3rd comment)

Miss Snark's email is miss [dot] snark [at] gmail [dot] com. The nitwit email is for nitwits who want to query Miss Snark even though they have no idea who she actually is.

Anonymous said...

I've always been mightily impressed that Miss Snark sends an email saying this has already been dealt with. Very polite considering the rest of us would just delete without bothering. Also impressed that a couple of questions have gone through to the keeper. Bit of a treasure this girl.