Hypotheticals just to goad me, right?

Love you, love the blog.

Here's my queston -

What would you say is the more important consideration in selecting one offer from multiple offers:

quality/power of the editor
size of the advance
size/power of the publishing house

None of the above.

I look at terms of the deal and what kind of marketing and pr support is being offered.
"Size of the advance", it's assumed that all the advances offered are figures the author would accept.


Copyright 2010 by Carol Scibelli said...

Love your blog. I visit every day.
When you say you look at the deal and would choose the one that offers the best Marketing and PR - Well, I've always been told not to expect much of either for a first book.
Do some agents negociate for this?
Should I expect it now?

Anonymous said...

If Captain Kirk fought Captain Pichard who do you think would win?

Twill said...

Off topic, but Kirk would take Picard down with a low blow while Picard was busy soliloquizing--not a real word, but Picard does it--on the nature of conflicts and man's inhumanity to - POW - OOOOOF.

Matt said...

Don't be ridiculous, Twill. Kirk was like 100 years old when Picard was born. He would obviously be far too weakened by his severe extra-terrestrial herpes to stand up to even the wussiest Picard.

Erica Ridley said...

A la The Incredibles? You sly dog... You caught me in a monologue!