That tax topic thing again

Someone asked about tax info resources for writers.
In my slinking around Cyberia this morning I came across this post at PpbkWriter that looked very informative about that topic.


ORION said...

This was a great article -thanks Miss Snark!
I found out very quickly that I needed a CPA after my book sold but it is frustrating to hear lots of misinformation out there -- the most common is the "hobby rule" that people say doesn't apply to writers and artists. My CPA agrees that the hobby rule DOES apply and those who are deducting need to be showing a profit at some point.
It is shocking how much of that advance goes to taxes -- especially if you live in a State that has income tax and business taxes like Hawaii.

David Isaak said...

Oh thank you thank you thank you.

(Boy, do I have a way with words?)

I've been asking every writer I know about this topic, and getting conficting advice. This link was perfect.