Resist! Resist!

Dear Miss Snark,
I recently received this email:

(Agent's name)

I see you've already rejected my query on (title redacted) oh, a month ago. And you're in great company. Sorry-- please disregard the query I sent ten minutes ago because I don't need another rejection.

It's a fun read. Why is everyone passing?

Can I borrow a match to set my hair on fire too?

Yes indeed.

Just to underscore the obvious:
If you screw up and send a query twice, don't compound the mistake by writing to say so. Don't say you don't need more rejection, cause really, who does??

I know you get tired of hearing no, but the person to ask "why" is not the agent.


Don said...

Not to mention that I remember reading somewhere of someone who made this mistake but got an acceptance letter the second time! Sure, it's not likely, but with a follow-up like this, it's impossible.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

I'm not sure I understand the desire to set one's hair on fire over a triviality. If you don't like the email, just ignore it.

Think of all the old bald guys that would love to have hair before you go abusing yours.

Anonymous said...

I e-queried an agent two months ago and got a rejection the following day. Then last week I got a request for the full manuscript from the same agent. I did not re-query this agent. I was puzzled, but sent the full as per instructions, only to get a rejection (the second one) the following day. I can only assume that an assistant sent the first rejection and somehow the initial query made its way to the agent's computer at a later time.

However, the agent did send a nice note and called the book adorable (a picture book) but not right for her. Go figure.